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Close-up of Tetron Mesh The next generation of net mesh is now available. For years polyester was thought to be less desirable than nylon for cage mesh - which was discovered to be more of a myth than actual reality. Tetron, a hybrid polyester, has been specially designed to suit the requirements of finfish cages throughout the world. It is the FIRST and ONLY cage mesh that was designed exclusively for the aquaculture industry.

Some of the many benefits over nylon include:

  • Lower water absorption means lighter weight when doing change over. When treated with anti-foulant less material is used, which results in less cost to your customer.
  • Higher specific gravity means a better sink rate when first setting the net (20 percent more than nylon).
  • Wet tensile strength is greater than nylon.
  • Thinner twine with same denier size means better water flow and less fouling area.
  • Elongation / shrinkage is much less than nylon.
  • Tetron is softer than nylon - which means less trauma on fish's skin.
  • Is naturally more resistant to UV derogation without treatment. Nylon is 10% weaker after only 24 months.

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