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Fukui North America (FNA) is a rapidly growing Canadian global trading firm specializing in the design, manufacturing and distribution of goods for a number of industries. Our primary focus is on the aquaculture industry and commercial fishing sectors.

We are aggressively pursuing our corporate goal of providing our customers with a single source solution for the best of proven technology, state-of-the-art products, unparalleled client service, reduced downtime and consistent delivery though a focused distribution network.

We will continue to stay on top of market trends and future shifts to continue to build and maintain our leadership position in the aquaculture industry.

Aquaculture is an industry that is forever changing and improving. What you learn today may change tomorrow. We recognize this. In the spirit of innovation, we feel that no method of equipment usage is written in stone. We will adapt, change, or improve upon our products at a moments notice to enhance the growth of this industry.

We are excited about the opportunities that exist in supplying equipment to this industry. Our mandate to support this growth through innovative products at reasonable prices is further enhanced by the networking of information from our people situated around the world. The information that has been around until now has been fragmented or simply nonexistent. Observation of this industry has shown us that we must play a leading role, not only in the supply of equipment but in the education of what is available in growout gear.

Fukui North America

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