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Instant Algae®

Instant Algae® is a super-concentrated liquid microalgae feed for laval fish, shrimp and bivalve shellfish.

Used to supplement or replace live algae grown on-site at your hatchery, and for EPA/DHA enrichment. Instant Algae® is made from REAL microalgae, just like you would grow, but with most of the water removed. Instant Algae® is not live reproducing but will be as effective as your own live algae and in some cases even better!

How it is used / deployed:
For best results use continuous feeding or in batch several time each day. Since bivalve shellfish are filter feeders good aeration and circulation will improve feeding rates and keep the algae well suspended in the water column. For more in-depth details on each species please contact us directly.

Features / benefits:
Reduce Risks with a guaranteed food supply - use only the amount of algae that your animals really need at any time of the year. Use it as a primary feed, or as backup in case of an algae culture crash.

Reduce Overhead Costs - less electricity, less space, fewer technicians.

Easy to use liquid concentrate - simply pour out the amount of algae you need at each feeding.

Long Shelf Life - 8 to 12 weeks in your refrigerator (depending on the culture). Nnannochioropsis and Tetraselmis can be frozen for long life.

No Fouling - stays suspended for days without fouling tanks or filters.

Complete Enrichment Solution - use Isochrysis for DHA enrichment and Nannochloropsis for EPA enrichment. Eliminates the need for other products.

Excellent for greenwater - Nannochloropsis will stay suspended for 2-3 days.

More Algae Choices - available in several microalgae cultures, some being difficult and often impossible to grow in hatcheries, giving you more feed and nutritional options.

No Algal Metabolites - live algae produces algal metabolites that can be harmful to your animals. Concentrating the algae removes the metabolites as well as the fertilizers for growing the algae, providing a safer feed than live algae.

Specialized Applications - some of the custom algae cultures have unique properties. For example the Tetraselmis contains natural aomino acids that stimulate feeding in larval shrimp, rotifers, and corals.

Safe - certified free from virus and pathogenic bacteria.

Manufactured in USA.

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