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Multi-Species Marine Traps

Fukui has been producing high quality, multi-species, multi-purpose traps for many years for fishermen in Japan and Asia.

The collapsible or stackable nature of Fukui's fish traps has been one of the major features to their success. This feature will allow fishermen to carry many more traps per outing and not only adds to higher catch ability, but also to the safety factor due to less bulk on deck. Their ability for multi-species use and availability in different sizes makes them ideal for both hobby and commercial fishermen, as well as scientific/government testing and control groups.

They are not for everyone, as their collapsible nature makes them more fragile than conventional traps. With careful handling and placement, individuals can expect many years of return on investment and great fishing ability. The efficient cost combined with low labour and high fishing ability make Fukui multi-species collapsible fish traps the ideal next-generation gear for select fishermen.

Escape hatch doors can be easily added based on your regional regulations.

Square Multi Species Marine Trap
Semi-Oval Multi Species Marine Trap
Eel Trap
Escape Vent
Fyke Net
Shrimp Trap

We at Fukui have identified three simple rules with respect to gear that must be followed to enhance the grower's success:
a Gear must be of the highest quality to last as many years as possible.
a Gear must maintain or reduce labour cost.
a Gear must maintain or increase yield.
Once you match these rules to the species and site specifics, your chances of a bountiful harvest will improve significantly.
From seed collecting to consumer marketing bags, Fukui has it!

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