Aquagrid Fish Cage Production Order and Quotation

Please print, fill out this form and fax to Fukui at +613-625-2688.

Client: _______________________________

Date: _______________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Contact: ____________________________________

Reference PO#: _______________

Phone: __________________

Fax: ____________________

E-mail: __________________

Comments: ________________________________________________________________


Cage Dimensions


Width: ______________ft.

Length: _____________ft.

Depth: ______________ft.


Circumference: _________________m/ft.

Depth: _________________________ft.

Note: Aquagrid is extended to the top rail instead of having to add an additional jump net. Cost and maintenance are lowered as well longevity is increased. Each downline will have three attachment rings: 1. Top rail 2. Main attachment collar 3. Bottom weight

Mesh size requested: _________________sq.

Downline attachment weight size, ea.______lbs.

Downline spacing __________________ft/in.

Additional rings for shallow net, every _____ft.

Height of top rail from water line A=___________ft/in.

Height of main support point from water line B=__________ft/in.

Distance from top rail support to main support:
A-B=C __________ft/in.

Taper if required, top to bottom __________%

Special Instructions: ________________________________________________________


The above information will be exactly how your cage will be produced. Please provide as much information as possible and check carefully.

I, ___________________, verify that I have supplied the information to Fukui / Royal Ten Cate for the manufacturing and assembly of this cage system. I therefore accept responsibility for the measurements and layout as stated.

Signature _________________________________ Date M______ D______ Y______

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