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After six years of development and testing, Aquagrid semi-rigid net mesh from Fukui is here! Aquagrid offers predator protection and containment in one net.


"We switched to semi-rigid mesh six years ago and easily these nets will last 30% longer than any net I've ever dealt with. Semi-rigid netting has taken us into profitability through less labour and reduced yearly equipment cost!"
Darrel Volker, area manager, Pacific Aqua Salmon Farms

"Predation has been basically non-existing with semi-rigid netting. These nets work on predator control. If fish aren't being harassed by seals they have less stress, grow better, appetites are increased and there is less disease."
Dennis Kaechle, International Aqua Foods Inc.

  • The first net mesh designed exclusively for the aquaculture industry.
  • Semi-rigid design eliminates, in almost all cases, the need for a secondary predator net. Semi-rigid net mesh responds to predator's natural design by pushing the mesh away from the predator's mouth so they can't take hold of the mesh grid.
  • Predation protection from seals, sea lions, sharks.
  • Escapee problems are virtually eliminated.
  • Long life span - expect 8 to 12 years.
  • Reduced cost per lb/kg of production.
  • Regular netting was meant to catch fish, not to contain them. As a result there are attached inherent challenges for aquaculture specific to some sites.
  • Easy to clean, quick release surface. No anti-foulant needed.
  • Maximum labor reduction.
  • Factory direct-to-farm shipping.

Typical costing of Nylon Net Containment System with Secondary Predator Net
Size: 50' x 50' x 50'
Containment mesh with anti-foulant treatment $4,500
Predator net with anti-foulant treatment $4,200
Annual cost of anti-foulant treatment ($2,000) assuming treatment every 18 months with a 5 year life span of mesh $6,000
Total Nylon Net System $14,700
* This costing does not include the labour cost of changing nets or the cost of having secondary nets while the treatment is being done.

Aquagrid will cost more than the upfront capital cost of nylon net systems. The resultant labor and amortized per year cost is, however, substantially lower. Combine this with the proposed insurance cost reductions at less risk as well as appeasing the environmental issues; Aquagrid is the clear choice for a retrofit to your existing floatation system.

For a cost comparison to the new Aquagrid click here.

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