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Don Bishop After spending nearly a decade in the Aquaculture Industry travelling and meeting people, observing operations both good and bad, it became very clear that there was a need for information and assistance that was "straight and to the point," by professionals who understood that measurement of success was the bottom line.

The specialists who are our associates have been chosen because of their abilities and their strengths at being the best at what they do. Thinking business first, then matching the biology to equipment and methods that work.

This is not to say that there are not other people who are just as strong in their field. However, just as the saying goes "The cream rises to the top" - as other specialists with similar values make themselves known to us, we will request that they join our group so as to make them available to you.

All of our associates are available for your questions and projects.

Don Bishop
President, Bishop Aquatic Technologies. (BAT)

Our Team of Advisors

Don Bishop
Specializing in Marketing, Engineering, and Business Planning.

Dr. Joth Davis
Specializing in Shellfish Culture Development.

Mike Ednoff
Specializing in Hatchery and Growout of Hard Shell Clam Culture.
Gef Flimlin
Specializing in Hard clam Biology, Project Planning and Implementation.

John Holder
Specializing in Recirculating System Setup and Maintenance.

Brian Kingzett
Specializing in Oyster/Clam Biology and Husbandry, Water Quality Control.

Dorothy Leonard
Aquaculture and Shellfish Restoration Expert.

Herve Lucien-Brun
Specializing in the Study, Implementation, and Management of Shrimp Farms.

Dr. Walter Paul
Specializing in Materials Design and Testing for High Energy Environments.

Brian Doyle
Has over 20 years of Financial Advisory Services Experience.

Mark Bowler
Specializing in the start-up or streamlining stages of an operation.

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