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Hervé Lucien-Brun

Specializing in the study, implementation, and management of shrimp farms

Hervé Lucien-Brun Hervé Lucien-Brun has technical expertise in shrimp and mollusc farming, as well as technical and commercial expertise in shrimp processing units and marketing of marine fish fingerlings.

Mr. Lucien-Brun was with Sepia in France from 1988 to 2001 - positions he held with the company include marketing manager and branch technical manager for Guayaquil-Equador. Currently he is a project manager, and has been responsible for the starting up and production management of shrimp farms/hatcheries, farm studies, technical assistance, and sourcing missions. He has overseen the quality control and training of quality control teams in processing plants in several Latin American countries, as well as in South Asia, New Caledonia, and in areas surrounding the Indian Ocean. As a result, he offers aquacultural experience and expertise from many countries.

Mr. Lucien-Brun specializes in the design and operation of shrimp farms, hatcheries, and packing plants. Prior to working with Sepia, Mr. Lucien-Brun worked in a shrimp hatchery in Equador. He was contracted by Sepia to design and operate an integrated shrimp farm (including hatchery and packing plant). He later returned to Equador to be technical manager of shrimp farms in that country. Mr. Lucien-Brun's quality control expertise centers around the process of head-on, shell-on shrimp, which is more specific than that of headless shrimp.

He has written articles on shrimp production for aquaculture publications such as Global Aquaculture Advocate and World Aquaculture, and has given presentations on subjects such as shrimp production, aquaculture markets, quality control, hatchery analysis, and technology transfer at many aquaculture workshops and symposiums.

Mr. Lucien-Brun's educational studies focused mainly on Animal and Marine Animal Physiology. He is fluent in French, English, and Spanish.

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