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Flex-MeshTM Socking
M-201, 202

without zipper

with zipper

Made of black, slit-film polypropylene with reinforced edges (wings). A special knitting process allows mesh to expand when required for larger mussels to migrate out of socking, Flex-mesh will then return to normal. Sold on roll 5cm-6cm, (2 "-2 ") wide, 152.4m, (500') per roll.

Used in continuous or single dropper method of mussel growout.

How it is used / deployed:
Match seed size with mesh size when ordering (mesh size is correct when seed can be pushed through mesh with slight pressure). Socking can be filled by hand or with high-speed socking table. Socking can be hung by individual droppers or by the continuous method from longline or raft.

Features / benefits:
Flex-mesh allows larger mussels to migrate out of socking, less crowding, slit film with reinforced edges, for greater surface area. Controlled stretch diameter, easier to fill, match seed size to mesh and diameter for less loss. Variety of mesh sizes available.

New Cotton Zipper socking has a cotton thread joining the sock between two of the mesh rows. Cotton will dissolve in seawater, depending on site specifics in 3-6 weeks allowing sock to completely open up, exposing larger animals that did not migrate through, while at the same time providing even more surface area, mesh sizes are the same as the Flex Mesh socking.

Manufactured in USA.

Product Code Mesh Size Strength Zipper
M-201P6 6mm / 1/4" premium no
M-201P10 10mm / 2/5" premium no
M-201P13 13mm / 1/2" premium no
M-201P15 15mm / 3/5" premium no
M-202PZ6 6mm / 1/4" premium yes
M-202PZ10 10mm / 2/5" premium yes
M-202PZ13 13mm / 1/2" premium yes
M-202PZ15 15mm / 3/5" premium yes

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