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Fukui Adjustable Longline
Oyster Growing System (ALS)

Adjustable Longline Oyster Growing System in use

The Adjustable Longline Oyster Growing System was developed by three oyster growers from Australia to greatly increase efficiency over the traditional "rack and bag" method, and to suit the rough and weedy conditions experienced in harbours and bays. It adapts well to little-used intertidal and subtidal zones that are otherwise hard to harvest and very labour intensive. It also makes use of the shallow-water area for maximum efficiency of your lease site.
How it works closeup of als showing risers and bag clips
The Adjustable Longline System consists of a series of cylindrical bags suspended from a longline (made of aquacable) in a horizontal fashion, so the bags are in a row, one foot deep.
The longline is suspended through-out the system by fence risers. Four risers are attached to each line post in the system, allowing the longline to be raised and lowered according to the season, tidal changes, or site specifics.
Oyster grow-out bags are suspended from the longline with special bag clips which enable quick deployment and collection of the bags.
Diagram of system
(Diagram not to scale. 99 line posts are used for each system.)

aMother Nature does the work - the ALS method aids in pruning shell growth, increasing cupping and maximizing meat yield while controlling bio-fouling.
aUtilize shallow area of your lease site to maximize growout area.
aLess labour intensive - allows for self-bagging and counting procedures.
aYou customize oyster exposure time to the elements by raising or lowering bags with ease at 4" intervals.
aMinimum set-up time (it takes 2 people approximately 6 hours to install 300 meters of ALS).
aEasy to harvest.
aFully enclosed bags eliminate loss caused by wave action and predators.
aWithstands rough waters because of built-in elasticity.
aWith cylindrical bags no special boat required - "V-hulled" boat is adequate.
aLow construction costs.
aNon-corrosive material.
aCan be used in both low and high tidal ranges.
aAttachment to existing pilings possible.
Equipment needed for the ALS system.
Equipment and Setup Cost
Cost for all materials: bags, clips, special cable, etc.
Avg. $3,000 US
Poles: 99 pcs. suspension post, 2 pcs. strainer post
Assume $500
Locally Supplied
Labour: 2 persons, 6-10 hours
Assume $300
Total Cost
Estimated $3,800 US

Product output production based on 12 months growout cycle
6 month nursery system + 12 month ALS =
18 months seed-to-market
Assuming 20 cents per oyster
100 oysters per bag x .20 = $20.00 x 300/bag
150 oysters per bag x .20 = $30.00 x 300/bag
200 oysters per bag x .20 = $40.00 x 300/bag
Assuming 30 cents per oyster
100 oysters per bag x .30 = $30.00 x 300/bag
150 oysters per bag x .30 = $45.00 x 300/bag $13,500
200 oysters per bag x .30 = $60.00 x 300/bag

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