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Mussel Declumper/Grader

Leasing Starting @ US$ 244.00 Per Month*

Constructed using marine grade aluminum plate for the hopper, aluminum square tube framing, all other components are stainless steel, including grading drums M-207 (shown below), shaft, and declumping blades. (Hydraulic motor and hydraulic power pak available.)

Declumping and grading mussels, and mussel seed.

Capable of yielding a production of 3-4 tons of mussels per hour with excellent grades and less than 1% of crushed shell on mussels.

How it is used / deployed:
Mussels are dumped into the hopper. The rotation of the drums moves the mussels/mussel seed through the drums where they are sorted into select size categories.

Features / benefits:
Designed with safety, productivity, ease of operation, and minimal broken product (wastage) in mind. Extra declumping bars in initial pipe for better declumping before the mussels reach the gate, therefore a much better flow of mussels is obtained into the grader, resulting in higher production. The last of the declumping knives on the shaft is adjustable which allows for more flexibility while declumping the mussels just before they reach the grading duums, resulting in a near-elimination of crushed shells, therefore a near 100% yield is obtained. (Many other mussel declumper/graders yield a high percentage of broken-shell mussels, much of the breakage occurring during final declumping and entry into the grading drum.)

Manufactured in Canada.

*Above leasing prices based on 60 month term/10% end of lease option. Prices exclusive of currency, taxes and shipping fees. Lease subject to credit approval.

Drums for Declupmer/Grader
Market Product or Seed

Made of stainless steel. Used with mussel declumper/grader (product # M-205).

Diameter 53.34cm, (21"), length 53.34cm, (21"). Grading sizes: drums 6.35mm, (1/4"). 9.35mm, (3/8"), 12.7mm, (1/2"), 22.23mm, (7/8").

Grading mussels, three drums are required for mussel declumper/grader and are not included with the machine.

The grading drums yield a production of 3-4 tons of mussels per hour with excellent grades and less than 1% of crushed shell on mussels. Equipped with back guards and chutes to minimize wastage, and angle guides are installed under the grading drum for ease of exchanging collection trays.

Features / benefits:
The grading drums are hydraulic-driven with directional and flow control valves, allowing for reversalof system in case of jamming, and variable speed control of the grading drums, they are 38% larger in diameter than the declumping pipe, this feature allows the mussels to be dropped into the grading drum, therefore nearly eliminating any product being crushed (and maintaining no wastage) between the declumper and grading drum.

Manufactured in Canada.

Conveyor for Mussel Declumper/Grader

Leasing Starting @ US$ 114.68 Per Month*

Constucted using all stainless steel materials, including .635cm, (1/4") x 5.08cm, (2") flatbar, 2.54cm, (1") x 2.54cm, (1") x 3.18mm, (1/8")tube, and 3.81cm, (1 1/2") x 3.81cm, (1 1/2") x 3.18mm, (1/8") tube. Also with 45.72cm, (18") wide plastic belt complete with 5.08cm, (2") flights and 3.175cm, (1 1/4") valu-guide rail, as well as an elctronic variable speed drive. Not included with declumper/grader machine.

Moving mussels into declumping/grading machine.

Features / benefits:
Can be built to buyer's specifications for different belt widths and discharge heights required.

Manufactured in Canada.

*Above leasing prices based on 60 month term/10% end of lease option. Prices exclusive of currency, taxes and shipping fees. Lease subject to credit approval.

Distribution Chute for Mussel Declumper/Grader

3 required for one grading machine. Used with declumper/grader (product #M-205).

1.83m, (6') long.

Moving mussels out of the grading drums into bulk bags, totes, boxes etc.

Manufactured in Canada.

M-502, 513

The declumper has a large, hopper-type opening into which the mussels are dropped, and cylindrical section housing rubber blades to do the declumping. The bottom of the last section(s) has adjustable openings for grading the mussels. Extra rubber blades or brushes can be added for more declumping and washing. The machine is made of stainless steel, is driven by a hydraulic motor OMP 200, weighs approximately 50kg, and can process up to 4000kg/hour.

To declump/grade and wash mussels.

How it is used / deployed:
The unit can be mounted on a boat in conjuction with other machinery (access ramp M-501, mussel stripper hauler M-500, spanish continuous socking machine M-514, 515) to process continuous longlines. The rubber blades separate the mussels from one another, and they are sorted by the grader, (and pass accordingly into the spansih continuous socking machine, to be fastened once more onto the longline as it passes over the bow.) The declumper/grader can be used on its own as well, in cultures such as non-continuous longline and mussel rafts.

Features / benefits:
The machine is fairly low-tech, easy to install and use, and virtually maintenance free. Small and light-weight. It has a number of adaptations available, including the addition of extra rubber blades for declumping of mussels with strong byssal threads, and a brush which has high pressure water flowing through its bristles, to gently wash the mussels. The grader bars are adjustable custom grades.

Manufactured in Spain.

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