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Shade/Wind Cloth in use

Features of Shade/Wind Cloth:

  • All polyethylene netting - strong, lightweight, exhibits no visible expansion or deflection over time.
  • High quality knitted net utilizing a Raschel (knotless) knit.
  • Designed to combat the effects and concerns of UV on plants and animals.
  • Primary usage is to shade sunlight in horizontal applications and reduce wind in vertical applications for sensitive plants in the horticultural industry.
  • Most commonly found in sub-tropical farming regions such as Florida, California, the mid-US, and Southeast Asia.
  • Shade/Wind Cloth has a variety of feasible applications.

Common Usage:

  • General Purpose: Schoolyards, public parks, housing privacy applications, playgrounds, airports, railways/roadways, gazebos, carports, etc.
  • Sporting Uses: Tennis courts, swimming pool enclosures, water slides, amusement parks, etc.
  • Protection Netting: Falling rocks, road construction, soil erosion, drifting snow, storm waterways, sewage tank covers, etc.
  • Aquaculture: Fish cage/pond covers, outside processing areas, etc.
  • Agriculture: Snake cages, greenhouse covers, crop protection, livestock pens, etc.
  • Human Factors: As UVB rays and skin cancer are drawing more attention and concern, a wider variety of applications are developing for children's playgrounds, restaurant patios, schoolyards, public parks, swimming pools, etc.


  • Light and strong: Shade/Wind Cloth is constructed with a Raschel knit heavy-duty polyethylene yarn.
  • Durability: The cloth is corrosion-resistant, and blended into the base material at the time of its extrusion is the maximum amount of Ultra-Violet inhibitor. This prevents discoloring and deterioration due to sunlight and maximizes product life.
  • Shade Factors: The cloth is available in various shading factors: 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, and 70% light reduction. UVB radiation is typically diffused 5% more than the light reduction. (ie. 70% light reduction will yield a 75% UVB reduction.) Note: Shade factors described are at Japan standards which are higher than North American standards, eg. Japan 70% = North America approximately 83%.
  • Wind Factors: Used in vertical applications, 70% shade factor cloth typically diffuses 85% wind. The higher the wind, the greater the wind reduction efficiency.
  • Non-Conductivity: Will not interfere with electrical or radio equipment.
  • Colour Availability: The Shade/Wind Cloth is available in four standard colours: black, white, blue, and green. Other colours or colour combinations are available upon request.

Click here for a chart of Shade/Wind Cloth net sizes.

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