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Aburasu Oil Catcher Rope

Close-up of Aburasu Oil Catcher Rope Fukui's Aburasu is a reusable oil catcher rope used to clean up oil spills. It was designed to have incomparable advantages in quick response oil spills at ports, harbours, rivers and culture / fishing beds.

Basically, Aburasu looks and works like an elongated mop that collects oil and repels water. The oil is rung out and collected, and the rope can be redeployed. Aburasu is completely reusable, features a lightweight and simple design, and is made of polypropylene with a braided core for high tensile strength and durability.


  1. Aburasu is made of polypropylene with lipophilic properties and water repellency, which allows the cord to absorb oil but not water.
  2. This cord absorbs 20 to 25 times its own weight in heavy oil or machine oil.
  3. Aburasu has specific gravity of less than 1, so the rope floats in water even if left for extended periods of time.
  4. The core of this rope is braided cord to increase tensile strength.
  5. Because the rope is non-water absorbent, the tensile strength is never decreased.
  6. No toxins are expelled from this rope in fresh or sea water over long term usage.
  7. Aburasu has a very strong resistance to chemicals. The cord is stable in both alkaline and acidic environments.
  8. Because of the light weight and ease of use, response and recovery time is reduced.
  9. When stored, the cord is reduced 1/5 in bulk.
  10. Because it is made from a polypropylene fiber, it does not change in quality or integrity over long periods of storage.
  11. This cord is made with UV inhibitor, and is UV stabilized.
  12. This cord is reusable indefinitely.

Technical Specifications:

Code Length Width Weight Density Strength
WQ-101 117m / 384' 30cm / 12" 35kg / 77lbs. 299g
per meter
600kg / 1320lbs.
WQ-103 50m / 164' 40cm / 16" 35kg / 77lbs. 700g
per meter
800kg / 1760lbs.

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