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APF Grade Fence

Made of Durethene® high density polyethylene. Available in dark green, black, white, and gray.

Produced in standard rolls of 15.24m, (50') in heights of 0.91m, (3'), 1.22m, (4'), 1.52m, (5'), and 1.83m, (6'). Custom lengths are available on request.

Dark green: used to control spectators at golf tournaments, define temporary parking areas, mark race courses, define various areas at carnivals and fairs, create lines for admission to events, form perimeter barriers at landfills, construction sites, and excavations, and create backdrops at driving ranges.

Black: used for enclosures in yards and parks, garden trellises, dog runs and small animal pens, and unobtrusive "roofs" for aviaries.

White: used to define race course, restrain spectators at sporting events, protect property, prevent small animals from invading gardens, mark restricted areas in parks support vines in vineyards.

Gray: used to enclose backyard swimming pools, prevent trespassing, mark property boundaries, create play areas for children, and enhance the appearance of a yard.

How it is used / deployed:
Durethene® polyethylene APF grad fence is easy to install and remove because it is light weight and easy to handle. There is no need for a forklift, the rolls are light enough to load and unload by hand. There is also no need for gloves, Durethene® fencing doesn't cut or scratch as metal fencing does. It can be installed and removed by just one person and when it has to be removed, it can simply be taken down, rolled up, and stored until reuse.

Features / benefits:
Durethene® Polyethylene fence is tough and flexible and made to withstand the effects of time, weather, and temperature extremes. It is much more versatile and offers many more advantages than metal fencing. Durethene® fencing is rust proof, acid resistant, non toxic, no conductive, and maintenance free, because it never needs painting. It will not rot and is unaffected by temperatures form -60F to 200F. It is stored easily.

Dark Green: here is a lightweight, non-fade fence that is flexible, durable, and the perfect color for golf courses, driving ranges, amusement parks, residential use, and numerous other applications. APF grade dark green fence is virtually unobtrusive, yet provides excellent crowd control and serves as a effective protective barrier.

Black: this durable, maintenance free fencing was specially developed for industrial and residential applications where low visibility is preferred. The black open-mesh design blends into the background while providing a tough, flexible barrier.

White: from sporting events to residential use to recreational use, APF grade white fence is an all purpose fencing with a multitude of applications. It is lightweight, strong flexible and easy to erect for either temporary or permanent installations.

Gray: a subtle, low visibility colour makes this fencing ideal for residential use. Its ease in setting up and its maintenance free characteristics are especially appealing to homeowners. APF grade gray fence protects property while presenting an attractive appearance.

Manufactured in USA.

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