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A Division of Bishop Aquatic Technologies, Inc.

Fukui North America is one of two operating divisions of Bishop Aquatic Technologies, Inc. The second operating division is Bishop Aquatic Technologies (BAT) a group of consulting specialists, both divisions are focused on the advancement of the Shellfish and Finfish Industries.

Fukui North America (FNA) supplies technically advanced products from around the world from the Shellfish and Finfish Aquaculture Industries.

Bishop Aquatic Technologies, Consulting Group specializes in site analysis and technology transfer, matching site specifics with product innovation for maximum benefit to the grower. Our team of advisors are ready to assist with your aquaculture project or challenge.


EXPERIENCE: Over the past 9 years we have traveled throughout the world observing several different husbandry methods. From this we have selected the technology that has proven successful in specific areas as well as learning from others. We have and will continue to transfer the technology to better suit the industry for more efficient and profitable production.

INNOVATION: Aquaculture is an industry that is forever changing and improving. We will continually provide you with new technology products and share this information with you to improve your overall success and profitability.

MARKET INVOLVEMENT: We are involved in all aspects of aquaculture from larval collection, nursery systems, inter-tidal, shallow and deep-water grow-out systems to point of sale packaging materials for the end-user.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: All our work is done in association with a team rich in biological and scientific insights. The focus is on commercialization and mechanization for maximum harvest yields and profitability.

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